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Enhance Efficiency: Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Keeping your commercial solar panels clean is crucial for maximizing their efficiency and ensuring optimal energy production.

Enhance Business Solar Performance with Expert Panel Cleaning Services

At Rite Way Energy, we employ advanced cleaning technology to ensure the optimal performance of your solar panels. Our partnership with SunBrush Mobil GmbH, a renowned developer of intelligent solar cleaning systems, grants us access to innovative equipment such as the patented “Washtronic” technology. This groundbreaking system ensures a consistent, controlled load on your panels, employing water for both pre-soaking and rinsing processes. With our solar farm cleaning equipment, we tackle not only soiling but also prevent snow accumulation, safeguarding your solar investment’s productivity.

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Maximizing Solar Efficiency

Specialized Cleaning for Commercial Solar Panels

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Regular cleaning is the key to unlocking maximum solar production. Our PV panel cleaning equipment, designed by SunBrush mobil GmbH, delivers exceptional results, enhancing your system’s performance. Our state-of-the-art cleaning solutions, adaptable for ground-mounted and roof-mounted PV systems, operate seamlessly with a variety of machinery, including tractors, excavators, and telescopic loaders. 

Achieving an impressive area performance of up to 10,000 m2 per hour, our SunBrush® mobil system ensures efficient, hassle-free cleaning to maintain your solar panels’ efficiency.

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and reliability of the SunBrush Mobile variable cleaning solution. With its mobile and easy-to-install design, this system offers a convenient way to clean your photovoltaic system, ensuring continuous, optimized energy generation. Harness the power of advanced technology for superior solar panel maintenance and performance. Contact us to learn how this cleaning solution can address your solar soiling concerns and keep your panels in their most productive state.

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